This bad boy was found in a drunks front yard...with grass growing on the hood, shag carpeting,and a mouse living in the dash!
This car was totally discombobulated..and needed to be restored..and reassembled!
This poor soul was found in the desert...and fought the restoration process all the way...I nicknamed it "tommy two times"!
This Hollywood stud was put together after being driven around hollywood byit's previous owner on 5 cylinders....for years!
This Cadoo was restored for a "Pompous Ass" on a TV show that was canceled..his wife was "accidentally" shot dead....Then.....he accidentantally died of a heroin overdose... when the cops became suspicious.
If you can believe..this baby blue  was found in a junk yard...upside down....undamaged...HOW and WHY?
Found in Las Vegas...and tooled around like a "Big Shot".....a beautiful original needing little.
Doc Sab's
"Cadillac World"