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 Cadillac World's Christopher ( Doc Sab ) Sabatino, has pioneered a new concept in the restoration process of your Cadillac. Why it hasn't been thought of before is amazing. 
   People frequently spend thousands of dollars  with designers on their homes. Homes are typically peoples largest investment and asset. People consult with designers...then entrust the designer to pick out the most perfect and harmonious designs with which to bring their dream home to life. Many times the designer is NOT the builder... but, the person who picks out the paint, patterns and materials for the builders and craftsmen. This takes the pressure off the home owner who may be a novice in the design area... and allows the experience of the designer to bring the ideas of what the home owners envision to life... while reducing costly "DO OVERS". It is also so important that after such expense, the owners  love their newly enhanced home. By employing a designing consultant they reduce the chances of being unhappy with their final outcome.
   Now... let's apply that same principle and process to what most people consider to be the second largest investment and asset that people acquire.... their car. More specifically, their classic Cadillac. 
   I respect the fact that people have their prescious Cadillacs restored by a variety of professionals of their choice. However, Many times even restoration specialists have a very difficult time pulling the entire car together. There is more to painting a car to code... or putting a certain material into the cars interior or on its top or trunk. Many times car owners want a color change, whether it be the paint...interior...or top. When a complete color change is in in the owners plans, they envision a harmonious color coordination. This is where the keen eye of Doc Sab comes into play. Let Doc Sab coordinate paint colors....patterns... that the end result of your project is pleasing to the eye...especially YOUR EYE. You might want something totally different, but want it to look stock overall. Or, you might want to blend your interior with your exterior in a way that continues the exact color scheme inside and out. This is where the experience of Doc Sab comes through in flying color. 
   Doc Sab has been an artist since the age of 5. He began with a pencil. It progressed to pen and ink and water colors. Later, he found a way for his art to support him ( when he's not practicing as a Chiropractic Physician) in an outlet that was functional.....and just as collectable..... by restoring classic Cadillacs in a way that most people would never think to do... from an artists perspective. Most people when they buy a classic Cadillac..or don't buy a classic Cadillac, might not know why they chose the Cadillac they did, or why they didn't choose a particular classic Cadillac. Their choice was made by their unconscious eye...which sees all...good and bad. My ability is to reduce the red flags that say this is no good... and replace them with green lights... that say..."GO".
   In our consultations, we go to the paint shop... interior shop of your choice.... and choose combinations that will make your Cadillac outstanding, which will bring you years of eye catching appeal, make you intensly proud..... and extremely happy and satisfied, everytime you see your pride and joy. Doing it right the first and only time...saves time and money.
   My rates are fair... and my reputation in the field of speedy, timely...and most importantly BEAUTIFUL restorations is  WORLD RENOWNED. Now is your chance to use the skills of Doc Sab to help with the most important aspect.... picking the materials that will shape what your car will look like. Available for world wide travel and appraisals.

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An example of extreme color coordinating on "DIABOLICAL PURPLE" a world famous custom Cadillac by Doc Sab.. click to see it up close