Doc Sab's Cadillac Worldpresents
The restoration of..........
          Ed ( "Fast Eddie") Monahan's
1960 Cadillac Deville
   "Fast Eddie" Monahan... A retired FDNY  fireman...bought a 1960 Cadillac off ebay. When It arrived....needless to say poor ole Ed.....was so depressed upon seeing it...he parked it...and didn't drive it for a number of years. In the photos..the car looked awesome...but, when it was obvious the the car was put together by an amateur...who was better at photography than the restoration of this Cadillac. This chronicles the 2 month journey of Ed Monahan's car from "restored" RESTORED! Follow the journey from late January to mid March. During the process Ed was called regularly...and received countless email photos of work in progress...his car was NEVER held hostage. Ed and I became friends... and I hope he enjoys his car from now on!

Doc Sab
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